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Description: These nylon standoffs are ¾" long and tapped for a 4-40 screw. These are great for mounting your board in an enclosure, or just getting it up off the table.

Sold in packs of 10. Check below for matching screws.

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Customer Comments

  • I wonder if there would be a market for a really long version of these. I’m thinking about a foot long. I assume these are tapped all the way through. The idea would be the user would then cut pieces off of whatever size they need.

    Unless maybe cutting would mess up the threads too much. If so then maybe just make it an unthreaded hole and people could use self-tapping screws. If you went that route it might make sense to give them a rectangular rather than rod shape so that one could easily grip them with a small wrench or pliers while tightening the first screw.

    Maybe they could even be notched for easy breaking at regular lengths like pin headers are.

  • Is it possible to get the outside diameter of these standoff, I have to fit them in a prett tight spot and I up to the 0.05mm to decide fit or no fit ?

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