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Description: This 9V battery holder allows your battery to snap in tight and holds it in place, which is great in situations where you don’t want the battery just hanging. It also has three mounting holes so you can attach it securely to your enclosure.

It is terminated with a standard 5.5x2.1mm, center-positive barrel jack.

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Customer Comments

  • Hello, I have two questions about this Holder. What are its dimensions especially holes sizes and distances between them? Will it be good for arduino UNO power supply?

  • In case anyone needs it, this looks like the right datasheet:

    • The “BH9VPC” product described in the data sheet doesn’t have a barrel jack. Instead, it has two leads out the bottom, spaced .5 inches. I was looking for something I could use on a PCB – the BH9VPC looks just about perfect and is available on DigiKey. So, thanks for posting that link!

  • Sweet. One of these, a couple rechargeable and a charger would make for a much more compact and simple system than AAs or even LiPo bars and chargers.

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