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Description: If you need to knock up a quick prototype there's nothing like having a pile of jumper wires to speed things up, and let's face it: sometimes you want quantity over quality. These are the same jumper wires that come with the SparkFun Inventor's Kit, they're less rugged than the premium jumper wires but they're great for bread-boarding, they're less expensive and we sell them in packs of 30! They may not hold up to year after year of abuse but they're a good value and we use them all the time here at SparkFun, both in classes and personal projects. Your pack of 30 jumper wires will be a random assortment of various colors.

Dimensions: 7" long

Comments 6 comments

  • Good wire, but then I’ve never used the premium. I got two packs but I’ve never had to open the second. I did cut one wire open and it’s stranded copper wire(which didn’t really work for the PTH soldering I had wanted to do with it).

  • Does the job just as it should do.

  • A classic case of getting what I paid for. I have some of the premium wires and really like them but large quantities can become expensive so I bought some of these to supplement. I struggled for most a night trying to get an SPI connection to work to no avail. I took a time out to work on a project for my wife’s childrens choir and got stuck on one LED forever until I relaized it was the jumper that was bad.

    I have not gone back to check on my SPI project since I used that Arduino for the choir project and it was all taken apart. In hindsite I wish I had used the Arduino that had a known good project connected to it.

    Just a note to help others. Test each one before you use it. I don’t have a multimeter at home so I just set up a quick always on LED and try each jumper on that circuit before using. This would have saved me several hours of heartache.

  • I prefer jumper wires like this. When I was using the normal ones with a square plastic end I couldn’t get data consistently to my shift registers from my arduino. When I use these jumpers my circuit works properly every time!

    • Does anybody know where I can find the wire these jumper wires use on a spool of a few feet/meters long. I often need thin and very flexible wires on various projects, and I mostly end up cutting the ends of those jumper wires and use the bare wire. But this ends up quite cheap.

      Here at SF they sell some wires but I don’t know if they are as thin and flexible as the wires used in this product.

      • Well what you are looking for is hook up wire. If you want it to be flexible then look for stranded hook up wire as it is more flexible than solid which is very stiff.

        You can find it here

        Or if you require a larger roll, many surplus electronics sites sell this stuff in rolls of 25 ft. and up for a pretty good price.

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