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Description: A staple for the electrical engineer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been one clip short!

Sold in single units.

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Customer Comments

  • how many clips do you get for 50 cents?

  • Are these threaded? And are they larger than the ones that TOL-12033? Or put more simply, is ordering these an easy way to upgrade to larger alligator clips for the coolant-hose Third Hands? Thanks!

  • Every time, without fail, you check out your order only to realize you need something else a few days later…

    • emc2 / last year / 1

      Ha. I wish the border fees to Canada weren’t so crazy :S

  • Please Edit the Picture to specify more accurately that these are sold in Single Units. I know the Description says this, but it is very easy for customers (like myself) to order a pair of these and think they’re getting 4, with the picture.


  • Need to also sell “boots” for these clips for people that want to roll-their-own clip leads.

  • What is the length of these clips, end to end?

  • Ah man, I’ve been looking for these!!! I love crimping stuff!!!

  • Good question - sold in single units. I’ll update.

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