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Description: This is not your typical temperature sensor. The TMP006 Breakout can measure the temperature of an object without making contact with it. By using a thermopile to detect and absorb the infrared energy an object is emitting, the TMP006 Breakout can determine how hot or cold the object is.

The TMP006 Breakout has a wide temperature detection range of -40°C to 125°C and an optimal operating voltage of 3.3V to 5V (tolerant up to 7V max). This breakout works great with most micro controllers connecting via the I2C bus.


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  • My TEMP006 sensor is reading low. Since its coming out Celsius, I’m seeing 2.39°C. My room is 75°F, and as it turns out, 23.9°C is exactly that, so it looks like its off by a factor of 10. What code do I dive into to calibrate it?

    • If its truly off by a factor of 10 you can take the variable and multiply it by a factor of 10. For example lets say you have a floating point variable named temp:

      float temp; //floats provide more accuracy

      temp=“some math to get to temp goes here * 10;

      and then print it out. This should correct the temperature output.

  • for $10 more you get at this sensor + IMU + bluetooth LE wireless, 2 buttons and a battery with the TI SensorTag.

  • How far does ir have to be from the target object? Is it directional? Meaning, does it have to be “pointed” at the target, or just being near it makes it read it?

    • See the ‘User Manual’, Page 6, Figure 3, “Relationship Between Target Object and Distance from the TMP006”. It is directional or how could you discern one objects temperature from another’s. ‘How’ directional is a function of distance of course. If you want to get an idea of the directionality of thermopiles, buy a cheap, complete non-contact thermometer (freight harbor has them for 10 bucks) and play with it. You should be able to interpolate it’s functioning and decide if something like this will work for your purpose.

  • I was looking to use this TMP006 but was dissuaded by seeing it is in a BGA package. I can’t tell by your picture but I’m I right that this only comes in this package or did you find an alternate package.-Keith

    • Browsing the Datasheet suggests it’s BGA only. I think that’s why there’s a breakout, but not a separate TMP006 without the breakout.

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