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  • So I just got this and wondered about the conditions necessary for the device to determine if a finger is present ‘enough’ to enroll. Here’s what I’m getting at; if I draw a little image on a piece of paper and substitute that for a finger, I can get a raw image but the device times out for both enrolling and ‘get image’ meaning I suppose the image did not meet some requirement of the device to do what it does. Any ideas on this criteria? Oh and two things might be of interest, the software will run on XP fine and I’ve removed the cameras enclosure and it’s just that, an image sensor with LEDs surrounding it (removing that did not allow for ‘get image’ or enroll).

  • Really my point was something that I agree is great for wood and size (but not my thing) is that for what you get, it is my opinion it is over-priced. This would be so easy to piece together on a much smaller budget. And I have to very much disagree about the Sherline not being a contender for plastics. I mostly use mine for polycarbonate milling and with the right feed and speed and excellent end mills (from Precise Bits) I’ve had beautiful results. Not sure how to post a pic if that is possible, but I’d show you if I could.

  • I think something like this should more shoot for a much lower price point. If you cost out the parts, there’s no way you’ll get a 3rd of the final price as production costs. I know this is a gantry and not strictly a cnc but if I was in the market for something that was a contender, I’d rather invest $500 more than the price and get something like a Sherline (this is the cost of a cnc ready mill and then shopping around for drivers and steppers and not get a complete Sherline package. But still here, you must buy a router; the Sherline comes with a real headstock). I use a Sherline 2000 mill with all the bells and whistles (including a rotary table) and I cut boards using PCB-Gcode and all sorts of mechanical parts including gears and pulleys.This would be attractive at the right price but $1K isn’t close to that.

  • I see you’re using the SMD version of the MSGEQ7. Will you be selling them?

  • Will this work to send data to an iOS device or is it a purely audio profile?-Keith

  • Dimensions are ‘all over the place’. Look at data sheet. You have big nickels. Check out Heli-Max hmxm2037 for small and digital (not analog) and 10 bucks

  • And oh yes, Eagle works well on the mac. When I do a layout on my Mac, I bring it into PCB-GCODE and then to my Windows machine which controls my CNC to cut the board and the g-code looks like hell in translation.

  • I’ve been beta testing Rhino for Mac for a few years now. It’s very good but incomplete. They’ve been promising a Mac version for a very long time.

  • See the ‘User Manual’, Page 6, Figure 3, “Relationship Between Target Object and Distance from the TMP006”. It is directional or how could you discern one objects temperature from another’s. ‘How’ directional is a function of distance of course. If you want to get an idea of the directionality of thermopiles, buy a cheap, complete non-contact thermometer (freight harbor has them for 10 bucks) and play with it. You should be able to interpolate it’s functioning and decide if something like this will work for your purpose.

  • I was looking to use this TMP006 but was dissuaded by seeing it is in a BGA package. I can’t tell by your picture but I’m I right that this only comes in this package or did you find an alternate package.-Keith

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