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Description: Do you have an R/C vehicle battery pack that desperately needs a Deans connector? With our new M/F Deans connector pair, you’ll have just what you need to safely and securely connect your battery or anything else that requires a mini T Plug.

Each pack comes with one male and one female Deans connector and each can support a current of, up to, 30A.


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Customer Comments

  • I’m not entirely sure if these are able to be ordered, but is there any chance you could carry XT60 connectors? They work so well, and are so easy to solder. Please excuse me if this isn’t the correct place to post this. Feel free to move it (or erase it) if that is the case.

  • Warning! These are NOT Deans brand connectors! They are counterfeit/knockoffs. I ordered a bunch of these and they are clearly not the same as the real Deans connectors I have. The blades are rougher, the gold color is much lighter (usually indicates less gold in the mix) and the springs aren’t aligned properly. The force of the springs is weaker. Pulling these apart is a lot easier than the real Deans which can mean a weaker electrical connection.

    I am quite surprised and disappointed that Sparkfun, a company I have always thought supplied quality products, would do this.

    Other companies sell these counterfeit/knockoffs too but the are called “T” connectors or “Deans compatible” so you know you are not buying the real thing.

  • These are great little connectors. I used them to replace the wimpy connectors on some of my larger LiPoly batteries. They don’t come apart easily (they can actually be really hard to separate) and they carry huge amounts of current. Who could ask for more?

    A few tips with these: 1) Use flux (as in, actual flux, not just rosin core solder). The soldering contacts on deans connectors are exposed to air for extended periods of time and have oxidized making them a little difficult to solder to. 2) Use an adjustable temp soldering iron on medium high heat. You’ve got to heat up a relatively good sized chunk of metal in order to get good solder connection. 3) If you have it, use silver solder. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will make soldering to these a little bit easier, you’ll have a more reliable connection, and you will have less resistance in your solder joint (which is important for high current applications). 4) Cut your heat shrink perfectly square on the ends. Otherwise, you are going to have exposed conductor that could short circuit accidentally later.

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Pain to solder

Would be easier to solder if they had a hole in them to put the wire through.

That’s a great point. We don’t make these, so we can’t revise them. But I will mention this for future information when sourcing new parts. Thank you

Not real Deans Connectors

I bought these thinking they were genuine Deans connectors, but they are actually cheap knock-offs. They are made out of a very cheap polymer and the plugs are not very precise. Several had a hard time meshing with each other or with my other real Deans connectors. Some came with crooked pins that I had to bend back in place. The contacts are also MUCH harder to solder to than a real Deans connector. I had to get the contact very hot for the solder to stick. So much, in fact, that it began to melt the cheap polymer! :/ I’ve never had these kinds of troubles with genuine Deans. Explains why such a low price! I won’t be buying these again. Update: One of the plugs wouldn’t even make a solid electrical contact, which is pretty pathetic.

I’m sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your connectors. If you would like a return, please contact us –