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Description: Our friends over at LinkSprite have made this nifty little RS485 Shield, now you will be able to have a communication port for your field bus directly connected to your Arduino! Even though the RS485 is sometimes thought as an "archaic" protocol, it will allow up to 32 devices to communicate through the same data line over a cable length of up to 4000ft with a maximum data rate of 10Mbit/s. Those aren't bad numbers!

This shield comes pre-assembled so all you will need to do is just snap it right into your Arduino and get programming.

Note: The shield has an unpopulated footprint for a DB9 connector. Check below if you need to add the connector. Otherwise you can use the screw terminals.


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  • Hi all This shield is compatible with Arduino YUN? I have to use it for Modbus RTU.

    • This shield uses the hardware serial lines which the Yun uses for the Ethernet bridge. I would recommend just rerouting those two pins for your application and using software serial.

  • Please provide a RS422 version with jumpers to enable the Rx/Tx pins so those can be wired to whatever pins you choose to use as the UART.

    Oh, and both RS485 and RS422 require a common ground reference. I used to think they did not, but upon further reading I found it is needed. So providing a ground terminal would be a good thing even if you don’t make a RS422 version.

  • Hello, could anyone provide me a programming tutorial for Arduino Mega 2560? I would use this Shield with these PING sensors:

  • Could anyone please point me in the direction of a good tutorial using this board and a Modbus library. I have been trying to go through the examples from and but with no luck. I am trying to retrieve information from a modbus slave being a Schneider PM5110 Power meter.

  • This shield is compatible with Profibus DP protocol?

    It would be very good

  • I am looking to create a simple controller for a BlackMagic Studio Pro Recorder which runs on the RS-422 protocol, does anyone know if this can be converted to RS-422. This only needs limited functionality for our purposes, We all looking to create a controller that will start recording and stop recording and provide the feed back signal so we know if we are recording before a launch.

  • This only drives to rs485 bus for one state of the transmit data. It won’t work unless somewhere else on the rs485 bus it is biased so the other state is the default. And forget about high speed or long lines. I expected better from Sparkfun… Wouldn’t be hard to wire the driver enable to another pin of the arduino. Most other designs I have seen use digital pin 2. At least one (mentioned below) uses a retriggerable timer circuit so specific code to control the transmit enable line isn’t needed.

  • Is there a library for Arduino? Or how does one program this things?

  • How many such shields can you stack on an Arduino. Each shield is just for one serial port right? So if I need to use all 4 ports of Mega 2560 do I need to stack 4 of these shields onto it?

  • This would be nice to use for making an Arduino based Modbus master device to query a Modbus power meter, shouldn’t be to hard to do - right ?

  • how many wires you need if you want also to send the power supply to another arduino/rs485 shield?

  • I much prefer my design:

    Although it works for the 3.3V, it can easily be modified for 5V.

  • I believe that 485 is the protocol that dmx512 is based upon, which would be lighting controllers and the like for music and theatre and the like….

    • DMX is a 485 protocol. This shield should work for it, but it would have been nice to have a 3 pin header (for shield/ground) and a termination switch.

  • I use RS485 for robotic systems. this allows the different boards communicate over the entire robot w/ reduced chance of noise issues. I think they should have full and half duplex.

  • These shields scream for prototype areas.

    • I was thinking the same thing… I have a blank protoshield I could use with that MAX on a SOIC-SIP (or source the TI part in a DIP) adapter and have plenty of space leftover for another project. Heck, I could populate it as an arduino with 485 built-in! I already know how to put the Arduino bootloader on a blank ATMega 328. ;-)

  • My only complaint on this as well as the Cute-digi RS485 shields is that they don’t have a screw terminal for shield/ground. I have on more than one occasion had equipment that refuses to work without it. Otherwise they work great for industrial equipment and and the Modbus-Master library in particular. It should also be noted that RS485 works great in high noise environments, like those around VFD (variable frequency drive) applications. It would also be nice to see a jumper selectable terminating resistor for those really long runs.

  • 4000ft! cool.

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