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Description: It’s your basic black action button! This is a very useful, small, panel-mount momentary switch. It is a SPST N.O. with the threaded portion being 6.75mm in diameter. This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions. Overall length (including leads) is 1.06" and has small solder lugs for connection. These momentary buttons are rated up to 0.5A and 250VAC.


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Customer Comments

  • is there any small panel mount buttons that are more sturdy? i love the massive arcade button ones but would be looking for (much) smaller versions of them.. i find these break easily if pressed sideways accidentally (ie: if in a backpack or something). any ideas anyone?

  • I’d love to see some smaller panel mount buttons. I’m looking for a panel mount button, but all sparkfun carries at the moment are gargantuan compared to what I have in mind. These are about the right size, but according to the comments and reviews, the quality is a tad bit questionable.

  • How do i can wire them up correctly it only have two connectors ? my Arduino needs to know when this button is HIGH or LOW..

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Basic, convenient pushbutton. I got a couple dozen (roughly) of this style of button in a few different colors. 2 of them were DOA, one is flaky after a couple of weeks. For the price - not a big deal. Just test them first!