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  • Temporary connections. For instance, you could use these instead of headers on a AVR programmer board. Then, when you design a board you want to program using that programmer, you don't need to put big old headers onto it, just little pads for these to connect to.

  • Casey is quite frustrated to learn that his "electric freedom blasters" (shown leaning in the corner) have been rejected by the military.

  • When the giant killer robot began decimating the 2015 Faker Faire, Dave was able to escape the slaughter with his SparkSun Inventor's Kit intact, thanks to his classy trampoline shoes and magic purple socks.

  • Would this be okay for winding around an inductor core? I want to start experimenting with inductors but I don't want to buy a whole spool of actual magnet wire.

  • Hello. When you have an input not connected to anything, the state of the input is known as "floating". This generally leads to arbitrary numbers being read. This state is generally undesirable. (The purpose of pull-up and pull-down resistors is to avoid a floating input pin.)

  • I do wish Sparkfun would carry some ferrite cores to use with these. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, most people don't need three separate gauges of magnet wire. Ah well, to Amazon it is!

  • Two motors, two wheels, and two encoder kits. Three pairs.

  • Yessir, you are correct. If you use "Serial.begin", pins 0 and 1 are immediately reserved for serial communication. Which is annoying if you want to use the serial monitor for debugging.

  • I'd wish Sparkfun would carry a HDMI to mini HDMI cable for use with this.

  • Just a question: is this just a typical brass scouring sponge, or is there some secret magic involved? Could I potentially purchase one of these straight from the cleaning products isle of a supermarket?