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Description: This is your tried and true white solderless breadboard. It has 2 power buses, 10 columns, and 30 rows - a total of 400 tie in points. All pins are spaced by a standard 0.1". The two sets of five columns are separated by about 0.3", perfect for straddling a DIP package over. The board accepts wire sizes in the range of 29-20AWG.

This board also has a self-adhesive on the back. The boards also have interlocking parts, so you can hook as many together as you’d like.

Dimensions: 3.29 x 2.15 x 0.33" (83.5 x 54.5 x 8.5mm)


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terribly inconsistent tightness

Many holes won’t snugly hold 26AWG.

Great Breadboard

Solid construction.

I bought this one because it is smaller than the model I alsready had. It’s super-convenient to use. Works perfectly.

Works good

Works good and has nice adhesive.

Standard Breadboard

Standard inexpensive breadboard. It does as advertised and works wonderfully for prototyping all your circuits.

Great for Beginners

This is a very straight forward bread board for beginners. I am new to electronics and have enjoyed dozens of basic projects. A must have for anyone getting into circuits.

It's legible!

I received a breadboard of similar size which was red clear plastic. The numbers and lettering were really a challenge to read… (These 66year old eyes aren’t what they used to be.) The white breadboard is what I’ve been using for years. This one replaced the original and is much better. I can see the letters and numbers again. Perfect!

Great Breadboard

I used this to mount circuits to multiple batteries. I have never worked with power rails before and now I dont know if I would work without them!

It slices, it dices, it makes Julienne fries

That’s a great title for a boring review. This product is just a breadboard. It’s in perfect condition, not warped or anything; all the connections work (well, all the ones I’ve tried so far); it fits nicely in the mounting plate that came with my RedBoard; I’m very satisfied with it.

Breadboard worked as designed

We were able to complete our project. The breadboard offered the flexibility to connect our RedBoard with the RHT 03 Temp/Humidity sensor. When the humidity and or temperature reached a certain point, an LED turned on. The set-up was in a water-tight box so it is there to detect leaks or an overheated system. This is our first step to using Arduino in Underwater Robotics, more specifically, Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROVs.

Good Quality

-Excellent board -Works great -Well Built -Perfect size to stick a 4xAA Holder on the bottom

It works

The adhesive on the back is pretty strong and the breadboard works as specified, which is about all you can ask from a breadboard.


Small enought for arduino proto-board.

Not as pictured!

It’s beige, not white! Yeah, it’s only a breadboard, but my application requires the pure white breadboards (as pictured) for aesthetic reasons.

These are beige-colored. Phlegm-colored. NOT WHITE.

I ordered five and I guess I’ll just have to order five more because I can’t use these.

Virtually unusable

Way too tight. Insertion and extraction of DIP breakouts (like teensy, Arduino pro mini, GPS etc) is very difficult and near impossible. Risk of damage to the module while inserting and removing it is high. The common application of inserting headers in order to heatsink them while soldering them to a breakout is extremely hard to accomplish without pins sliding through. Too restrictive to be of any use in our lab. I won’t purchase these again.

Good value

Good little board, I liked the space between for a DIP.

Spend the extra dollar for the larger board

Larger breadboards are better! The larger one is also better quality

I’m very sorry that you are not satisfied with the breadboard. I have personally reviewed your case and the breadboard does not look to be out of spec. Some inconsistencies can be found in most breadboards and their tension when inserting devices. Your case shows a RMA was created for a return. Please follow through with that and we will assist you with a return.

A very handy item.

This is my first exposure to a modern day ‘breadboard’. My experience is of the days when they really were breadboards! A very clever device.

Perfect size

All hold that I need with the medium size (not big not small). Excellent for my robot.

Good size board for in class projects

This board is the perfect size for in-class work sessions


Works great with the Sparkfun mounting board (and an Arduino).

Good Quality For The Price!

Very inexpensive, solid breadboard perfect for small projects!

Pretty good product

I got a bunch of these to use with a technology workshop I am doing for elementary school kids. The quality seems OK but they don’t seem to work great with the thin wire resistors some kits come with. Some of the holes are fine with the thin wire, others aren’t. I’d recommend using the thicker wire 1/4W resistors with these boards for reliable connections.

Small but Powerful

Just the right size for the intro circuits lab I’m designing

functional breadboard

It’s a breadboard. You plug things in, they talk to each other. It does that very well. Adhesive back sticks to things. It does what it’s supposed to do.