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Description: These are bare non-addressable 5 meter long RGB LED strips that come packed with 60 5060 LEDs per meter, that's 300 LEDs. As these are bare LED strips that have no protective coating, your project won't be water proof but there is access to each 5060 LED and each strip length can be easily modified. You will be able to control the whole LED RGB Strip together giving you cool lighting effects for your car or perhaps under cabinet lighting in your kitchen!

Note: These come in 5M segments on a reel. They are preterminated with wires, as shown in the pictures.


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  • How wide is the tape? Does it have an adhesive backing?

  • A 5V version would be even better. PC power supply puts out a lot more current at 5V than 12V, and a lot less power wasted.

    • I think more power would be wasted - but that depends on how you look at things.

      Edit: Rounding errors are out, fancy spreadsheet is in! spreadsheet (imports nicely into Google Docs, if you prefer)
      screenshots for 12V, 5V, 3.3V and 12V with a twist

      Summary: A 5V version would actually require more total power, and waste more of it, at least in the strip (not to mention extra resistors). How the PSU’s own efficiency at 5V vs 12V affects things is a (shoo, sparkghost!) different matter.

  • The descriptions say non addressable but they contain ws2801’s??

    • This LED strip has no ws2801’s, just plain old RGB LEDs. Although there’s no voltage rating stated, it looks like you give these strips +12V and then pull the lines for the color(s) you want to ground. These strips can be cut into any multiple of 3 LEDs. A full 5M strip would pull about 6A at 12V with all LEDs on full.

    • You can set R, G, and B for the whole strip, but not for each LED.

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