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Description: This parts kit allows you to modify a coolant hose into an additional hand for your SparkFun Third Hand. It includes the alligator clips and hardware necessary to repair a broken hand, or make a new one.

Note: A portion of this sale is given to Ryan for inspiring the design with his Instructable.


  • 2x Alligator Clips
  • 2x 1" 6-32 Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws
  • 2x 50 x 4mm Heat Shrink Wraps

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Customer Comments

  • Ditto that. I ended up just taking the one that fit properly to my local ACE Hardware and found another one that had the matching thread pattern. I think it cost me about 30 cents. YMMV

  • Has anyone else gotten these and found the two machine screws to be non matching? I got two packs and each had one right size and one smaller diameter screw.

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I wish the alligator clips were bigger

They work perfectly with the coolant tubes in the third hand kit, I only wish that the alligator clips were a bit bigger to accommodate holding PCBs and larger components.

2 of 2 found this helpful:

Helping hands kit crocodile clips too small and weak

The clips are a bit on the flimsy side - they bend very easily at the wrist. Slightly bigger and stronger would make them more useful. At the moment they feel like they are going to break if I don’t handle them with kid gloves.

Almost Perfect

Overall I am very pleased with these parts.

There’s two things I think that can be improved.

First, I think the alligator clips could be larger. I haven’t run into issues yet, but I can easily see myself being unable to grip certain things at some future point. For thin items, they work incredibly well.

Second, I think the alligator clips could be a bit stronger. The flat surface between the clip and the screw mount can bend if you’re not careful. I accidentally bent one of the clips when trying to reposition the arm. I have since become more cautious with how I use the clips.

And while this comment isn’t specific to these parts, I think it would be cool if Spark Fun invested some energy in coming up with new parts for future release (lights, fans, magnifying lenses, etc.)

These are very handy

The parts are for my Sparkfun Third Hand setup. It’s come in handy when I’ve had to hold the circuit boards I solder at an odd angle. The third hands hold it secure enough to solder, but are movable if I want to view the board at a different angle. They are also rather strong considering their small size. This is a cool invention.

Used for the PCB Workstation on Thingiverse

I used these to on my PCB workstation on I put them together and they work. Cut the tube in half put the cut tubes over the alligator teeth. Do it again to add double insulation. Works Great!

simple but effective

I have read some of the other reviews, and the issues with strength, but I have not have not experienced this. It may be that I use these as a supplement to my panavise so I am not overloading them trying to hold a PCB. Basically little things like this allow me to continue enjoy DIY projects despite my arthritis.