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Description: The RedBot Mainboard is a robotic development platform that works with the Arduino IDE. The RedBot is a motor driver and Ardiuno combination with various headers and connections, eliminating the need to stack multiple shields. By using the RedBot accessory boards and your own chassis, you can design a robot to suit your needs.

The RedBot comes pre-programmed with the Optiboot (Uno) bootloader. By simply connecting a USB mini-B cable, you can program it in the Arduino IDE using our example code, or your own. The optional add-on sensors attach to the main board via 6-pin headers or jumper cables to increase capabilities.

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  • 5V Logic
  • 6-9V Input Voltage via Barrel Jack or 2-Pin Header
  • ATmega328P (pre-programmed)
  • TB6612FNG Dual DC Motor Driver
  • USB Programmable via FTDI
  • XBee Port with HW/SW Serial Switch
  • 2x 3-Pin Female Motor Port
  • 2x 6-Pin Male Optional Servo Header
  • 4x 6-Pin Male Optional Sensor Header


Comments 7 comments

  • What has changed in this version.

    • Not much; some of the labels, and the addition of a button on D12. Also, at some point since the first version, I fixed the power switching circuitry that disconnects power from the I/O headers labeled “Servo”. I’m not saying that was changed in this version, just that it has changed.

  • I can’t find a pinout anywhere for the mainboard. I’m trying to figure out which way my xbee should mount into the socket

    • If you look at your board from the top you’ll see the silkscreen outlining the direction the XBee is supposed to go. :)

  • Could you tell me the diameter (or radius) of the standoff/mounting holes in the four corners? I can see in the EAGLE board file that they’re positioned at X = 0.10" and 3.60" and Y = 0.10" and 1.85"; and it looks like their radius is 0.04"; but it’d be nice to confirm that before laser-cutting my own chassis (because I think I’d rather use different wheels than those that come with the Magician chassis).

    • No, 0.08" diameter is implausibly small. I think the holes must be based on the Dimension layer (20) rather than the Holes layer (45), which makes them about 0.065" radius, or about the right size for a #5 machine screw.

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