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Description: This simple board breaks out a female USB type A connector’s VCC, GND, D- and D+ pins to a 0.1" pitch header. If you want to add a USB to  your project, but don’t want to put up with soldering tiny connectors, this is the board for you.

Dimensions: 1.02 x 0.9" (26.06 x 22.93mm)


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Customer Comments

  • Would there be any chance of you guys getting a usb 3.0 version of this?

  • It would be very helpful if you would add mounting dimensions for your products. That way mounting development could be figured in while waiting for an order to arrive.

    • Some of the products have 3D models made for them. Additionally, you can look at the EAGLE files to get these dimensions. For this board, the holes are 0.13" diameter and are placed 0.8" and 0.6" away from each other.

  • How much current can pass through it? I need 1 - 3 amps.

  • If I have a + - circuit where the - is grounded. To which vcc d- d+ gnd, do I connect my circuit + and - to? Its a 5v 1a circuit

    • d+ and d- are the data lines. To supply power, (and I’m guessing that you mean + and - are used to power your circuit) + goes to vcc and - goes to gnd.

  • Can anyone tell me other dimensions on this board? How thick the PCB is, how far off the board the center of the USB port is.. I’m trying to CAD something up before these arrive and are in my hand. Seems like some of the available files above would give me that info, but I have a MAC so can’t open them.

    • EAGLE will run in a Mac: which will let you look at the board files. The boards are 0.062 inches thick. Hope that helps.

      • I’d ideally need the side profile as well as the provided top view. I’ll be getting the parts in soon, just trying to get a jump on a project for production. The USB port appears to bump out from the board a little, I need that little measurement to be sure everything lines up. Thanks for your help thus far.

  • Does anyone know if the BREAK AWAY MALE STRAIGHT HEADERS will fit into the VCC/D+/D-/GND through-hole solder points? What I would like to do is break off a section of 4, and solder them on so that I can make this breadboard-able. Thanks!

    • Yes, the break away male straight headers will fit into the VCC, D+, D-, and GND holes. Both the holes and the header pins have a 0.100 inch pitch.

      • GREAT! That’s great news. I figured they would fit but I wanted to be sure. I just placed my order - can’t wait! I’m adding an auxiliary USB port to my iHome and am in the final stages of prototyping so this will be perfect.

  • salve, any ideas about availability ?

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