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Description: These plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes have been primarily used to spray refrigeration or washing fluid for machine tools but, thanks to their articulation, they can be used in a multitude of different ways as well. We use them as extra arms for our third hand.

The coolant pipes are 1ft long with a nozzle diameter of 3.5mm and ½"-20 pipe thread.

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Customer Comments

  • Can I take the end off of on and the bottom off another and attach them together to extend it?

  • Do these pipes conform to the BSPT threading standard as opposed to NPT, or do they have their own proprietary thread pitch? They don’t seem to thread into normal ¼" pipe connections.

    • I believe they are ½" - 20. This info is not from personal use it is a comment made by another review from the store that i bought them.

      • The threads are indeed ½"-20 (UNF). I measured them with my own thread gauges and calipers. They are not pipe threads (not NPT, not BSPT).

  • OK, what size loc-line tool do I use for this? I ordered the ½" and it’s WAY too big…

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Loose segment in 2 of 8 pipes

I ordered 8 of these pipes and 2 of them had a loose segment that wouldn’t stay in place. This made them not usable as helping hands.

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It's good to have extras

I ordered 2 extra pipes to augment my 3rd hand setup (TOL-11784) and they worked fine. They are a good price as long as the shipping cost is spread out over multiple products. There was a range of flexibility between the 4 pipes. Recommended.

Because these are so inexpensive, if I were king sparkfun I would have an accessory pack that included (2) 1ft pipes, (2) 6 inch pipes and (4) alligator clips and (2) 90 degree nozzles. The 6 inch pipes are useful for holding the heavy stuff or when you can’t get a tight enough bend on the longer ones.

The kit would be inexpensive enough that you wouldn’t feel bad if you didn’t need all the parts right away.