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Description: This is a high quality switching ‘wall wart’ AC to DC 5V 2000mA Barrel Jack wall power supply manufactured specifically for SparkFun Electronics. These are switch mode power supplies which mean the output is regulated to 5V and the capable output current is much higher (2000mA).

These wall adapters are perfect for supplying power to many single-board computers like the pcDuino, Beaglebone Black, or the Raspberry Pi. Please note, this specific supply (5V/2A) is also FCC/CE certified and works with 100-240VAC inputs and has a Center-positive 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector.

Note: These wall adapter power supplies may only output 4.5V when pulling a full 2A. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.


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Customer Comments

  • Would it be safe to replace usb power with power from this psu? I know its tolerances is within the rated spec for USB, but just wanted to make sure I don’t have to use something like this

  • Does something like this ( exist for North American plugs?

  • Just wanted to point out that if you want to use this to power an Arduino, it outputs 5V. If you go into the arduino with 5V, your VCC will only have about 4V due to a 1V drop from the regulator. Not a problem with this product, but something I got confused about

  • The 230V capability is for us Europeans not a real advantage, since we would have to pay a few dollars for a power plug adapter anyway.

  • How long is the cord?

  • THANK YOU for carrying this 2 amp power supply! I’ve been looking for one like this and now you finally have it! already ordered.

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Did the job

Good quality, worked like a charm.

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It's the best wall wart that I have ever not stolen from the spare parts bin at work.

It’s a wall wart that produces the voltages I need at the currents that I want–in a compact size. No surprises.

BUT, it is inexpensive enough that I was less tempted tempted to “recycle” one out our tub of orphaned wall warts at work. So thanks to Sparkfun I’m less of a thief AND my employer is free to send their completely serviceable trash to the landfill per the policies and procedures crafted by their their lawyers and bean-counters.

(But I’m still going to steal things out of my employer’s trash.)

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Great deal, great price

removed board from case for prototyping use. Was adequate to power 1.5A system. No PCB mounting holes, but it’s not designed for that. Great power supply awesome price!

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Does what it should

Works perfect, no issues whatsoever.

It's got an LED!

Reasonably compact, power strip friendly prongs AND, an LED idiot light… Couldn’t ask for more 👍

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Don't Know

I haven’t had the opportunity to evaluate them as yet. I am in the process of building the circuits on which they will be used. Will let you know when I’ve completed the project. len

Does Not Power BBB

This was recommended as an accessory for the Beagle Bone Black. The rise time was too long. Irritating, since this is a known parameter, and a known issue with BBB, and yet SparkFun still recommended it.


One works great the other one had an internal short and burned up on the first plugin

Sorry about that. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Works well, feels a little wonky

Works exactly as expected. Very consistent voltage so far, though where the cord enters the casing it seems a little “loose” and rattles a bit, but I expect to have it fairly fixed and doing foresee any actual problems.

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Terrible does not fit

i did a search for foscam power supply and these came up in my search! come to find out the don’t fit!! waste of my time and now i have to pay to ship them back!

Sorry they didn’t fit your needs. I am working on your support ticket and I’ll be happy to help make sure we take care of you. Cheers!

Does what it says

It apears to meet the spec but would not boot my bare, headless, Beagle Bone Black board. Not sure exactly why, since board powers from bench supply ok. Used it to power another project without problem.