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Description: This is a 3-terminal microswitch two pack, each equipped with a 20mm offset lever actuator. These switches have a great ‘clicky’ sound to them with a nice tactile feel and are perfect when used for a slider, 3D printer, or robot project. Each microswitch is rated for 5A at 250VAC.

Housing Dimensions:

  • 19.8 x 15.8 x 10.3 mm


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Customer Comments

  • A three pack for use with 3D printer builds would be nice. (Though buying two two packs and having a spare isn’t bad at this price.)

    • You would need six for a 3d printer.

      • Most printers only have endstops at one end of each axis. They’re for calibration at startup, not to protect the printer from going to far like in a CNC Mill, because the stepper motors in a printer rarely have enough power to damage anything.

  • For the record, this switch is an MX11-3D from JL Electronics (aka Zhejiang Jialong Electron Co., LTD).

    For a dimension drawing, go here and click on the picture of the MX11-3D switch – or any of the other similar switches – and you’ll get a popup with your measurements and all. There’s a button on the popup, amusingly labeled “View the Switch Diagram”, which takes you to a specifications table.

    This switch is rated 2a @ 24vDC in addition to being labeled for 3a @ 250vAC. (Not 5a @ 250vAC as our benevolent overlords would have us believe… ;) :P )

    I hope I’ve been helpful to someone :)

  • What would the pinout for this be? I’m having trouble locating the datasheet. Thanks!

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