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Description: Cherry MX Keyswitches are top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard switches. They’re satisfyingly “clicky”, reliable up to tens-of-millions of key presses, and a standard in gaming and programming keyboards across the globe. With the SparkFun Cherry MX Switch Breakout we have made the switches more easily adaptable to breadboard or perfboard-based projects. The Cherry MX Switch Breakout is a perfect prototyping tool for projects ranging from a single-key user-input to fully-custom 101-key keyboards.

In addition to breaking out the switch contacts to breadboard-compatible headers, the Cherry MX Switch Breakout also provides access to an optional switch-mounted LED. Plus, the pin break-outs are designed with keyboard matrix-ing in mind, so you can interconnect as many boards as you’d like into a row-column configuration, keeping the I/O-pin requirements as low as possible.

Note: If you are looking for a Cherry MX Switch to use with this breakout, we’ve got you covered! CLICK HERE!

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  • Support for 3mm LED
  • Footprint for LED current-limiting resistor
  • Footprint for switch-isolating diode
  • Chain-able in row/column matrices
  • Designed to match standard key spacing and keyboard row offsets


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Customer Comments

  • wont one need transistors to drive LEDs in case you are connecting several of them to the microcontroller?

  • Any 3D CAD or mechanical drawings for this PCB?

  • is this just one breakout board for 2 dollars? Sounds very pricey to me when Techkeys sells something similar for 40cents each. Any way to get a price reduction, because if I need 80 boards i rather save the money and get it from techkeys.

  • You guys screwed up the jumper land pattern. The jumpers are all shorted with a trace. Please fix for next revision.

    I was able to cut the trace with an xacto knife.

    • Nope, that’s intentional. Check the Assembly Tips section of the hookup guide for more information on why we designed the board this way.

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Works Great!

These breakout boards were a great help in making my custom keyboard. I didn’t end up using the leds, but I popped a diode on, soldered them together and it’s working great so far. They are handy little boards.

Works perfectly

Using them for a project emulating old console buttons on military-style machines. Work beautifully!

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