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Description: These are our large, beefy aluminum enclosures, which have been built tough enough to withstand a truck. This 2mm-thick, die-cast enclosure is rated IP54 against dust and splashing water. Because it’s aluminum, it’s easy to cut and drill so that you can add LCD screens, buttons and cable connections. If you want to “pretty up” your project, hit this with some fine-grit sand paper and buff it or just spray paint it!

These enclosures are perfect for producing “stomp box”-style effects pedals. Try combining this with a stomp switch and some of your own secret sauce circuitry to build a sweet custom pedal.

The lid mates nicely to the top of the enclosure and is secured with 9mm long #6-32 screws (included). This aluminum enclosure version features a smoother metal finish as well as a more structurally sound design.

Dimensions: 120x94.5x34mm

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Customer Comments

  • Are the dimensions internal or external?

  • Screws too small.

  • Does anyone have experience with Wifi signal reception by a device inside these boxes? I’m thinking of using one with a Photon wifi board, but I’d like to make sure the aluminum won’t block the signal.

    • Metal of any kind (including aluminum or plastic that has a metal coating) will block WiFi or any other radio signal. If you put a Photon inside one of these you will need to put an antenna on the outside of the box. An antenna like this one would be easiest to connect, but there are other options.

  • Do you have any idea what aluminum alloy is used in this box? I like to anodize and dye many of my projects, so I always use 6061 aluminum.

    • I tried anodizing it. it turns dark grey as is common for cast aluminum parts. It’s definitely not 6061 or any other kind of easily anodized alloy. It’s cast, so it likely contains a lot of silicon.

      • Thank you for this clue. I wasn’t very familiar with casting alloys, but probably it’s 4041 with a high silicon content as you say, and poor for anodizing.

  • Sure wish you guys would mention the weight on these boxes. There are projects where weight is an important consideration.

    • I weighed one still in its shrinkwrap on my triple-beam scale, and it’s 245 grams. I think the wrapping weight is negligible. This converts to 8.42 oz. or 0.54 lb. - basically what M-Short said. Hope this helps.

    • Shipping weight on these is 0.5450lbs. I’ll see about getting a more accurate number on the page, but I think in this case the shipping weight is just the box and a plastic bag so should be pretty accurate.

      Edit: You can always contact our technical support team as well and they should be able to give you that number for anything we don’t have listed.

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Good for the Money

Decent quality, but two of the boxes I got had machine screws which were too small. Joelle in customer service was great about getting me the correct ones.

The finish is kind of rough and the boxes will need to be painted but they are about half the price of other boxes. They are a good deal for the money. I’m happy with my purchase.