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Description: USB Type ‘B’ Female connector. The 4 connection pins have .1" spacing allowing it to be inserted into development boards and perf boards with mild modification. You can either drill two 80mil holes for the support posts, or cut them off completely.


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Customer Comments

  • Any plans for a breakout board for this? Just eyeballing it, it seems like the pins might not be quite long enough to make solid connection into a breadboard.

    (See related comment on the vertical Type-B breakout board)

  • It looks like the scales on the pictures are wrong. This thing is 16mm long, not 32. The width and height isn’t 3cm either.

  • Love how they tell you the pinout in the datasheet.

  • I understand that the datasheet says not more than 1A per contact, but would this part not function properly (or melt) at 1.2 amps on one of the contacts? The rest of the contacts would be under 500mA.

  • Are these gonna be back in stock anytime soon?

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