Large Piezo Alarm - 16 Tone

This Piezo Alarm is a great option for when you need an audible alarm (or are just looking for a way to prank your friends). This alarm has 16 different output options that can be changed with the DIP switches on the unit. Select Continuous, Chime, Intermittent, Warble, or Pulsating and amaze your friends.

  • Operating Voltage: 5-16Vdc
  • Operating Frequency: 3KHz
  • Warble Frequency: 2.8KHz to 3.2KHz
  • Diameter: 35.8mm, Height 35.7mm
  • 103 dB(A) at 16V at 61cm
  • 90 dB(A) at 5V at 61cm

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  • Member #385950 / about 8 years ago / 1

    How hard do you think it would be to crack into that dip switch so that an Arduino Uno could control the tones ?

    • I am not sure but I think it would be easier to use a normal piezo buzzer and control the tones directly from the Arduino. You could use the tone(pin, frequency, duration) function to do so.

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Loud & Easy to use.

This Alarm arrived fast and was very easy to use I was amazed at the volume, I would buy this again in a heartbeat.

Large piezo 16 sounds alarm buzzer

Very loud (can be dimmed), 16 very different tones! I am very happy with it.

Pretty neat device

It is so adjustable to so many different tones and sounds. It's also pretty loud for such a small device.

Simple loud siren

I needed a siren to beep whenever a door is opened. This is a little loud for that, but it could be covered to dampen the noise if needed. One interesting thing I found is I was able to run it on 3.3v and only draw 2ma. This allowed me to power it directly off an IO pin from an esp8266 module.