Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Male)

These Clincher connectors from Amphenol FCI can be used to terminate Flat Flexible Cables (FFCs) to an easy-to-use standard header. Simply insert the end of the cable into the connector and press it closed. The teeth inside the connector will "clinch" around the conductors and break them out to two male 0.1" spaced pin headers!

Though the Clincher connector can be used with FFCs, we also like to use them with our FlexiForce sensors and other flex/force sensors found in the Recommended Products section below.

Note: Please be aware that we will not be able to accept returns on this connector if it has been closed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Male) Product Help and Resources

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May 5, 2016

How to hook a force-sensitive resistor up to an Arduino to measure pressure variances.

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  • I agree with the others, this is garbage. But it's the only thing we have, so... bleh,

    • If I am understanding the previous comments, I am not sure this product is being used properly. To clarify, the purpose of this product is to clamp directly to the ribbon as the pins that come on the sensors. It can be forced to clamp to the pins already on the sensor, but that isn't what it was designed for. I hope this information helps.

  • I love sparkfun but is a garbage product. Overpriced and does not work well with the recommended force resistor. The pins slip out easily, the mechanism never want to close and overall is an enormous pain to use

  • These do not work well for clamping the pins on any of the flex/force sensors that sparkfun recommends. The pins on the sensors are way too stiff for the connector and bend out of way. This connector is really meant to penetrate the flex circuit directly. The pins attached to the sensors are already spaced correctly for header so this isn't really doing anything anyway.

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