Bourns Absolute Encoder (EAW0J-B24-AE0128L)

The Bourns Absolute Encoder is a digital control knob that provides 128 unique results evenly spaced around a full circle. It is designed as a control panel knob but can be adapted for other uses. This can be a good alternative to using a potentiometer and analog pin, as this allows for full-turn and multi-turn operation.

It differs from the more common incremental rotary encoder which has only two or four values in a rotation and is designed to measure full rotations and direction. This measures angles and absolute position is maintained between power cycles.

  • Absolute Contacting Encoder (ACE)
  • Mounting nut and lockwasher (9mm mounting hole)
  • 128 rotary positions
  • 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Rotational life - 50,000 revolutions (min)
  • Max RPM - up to 120
  • Absolute digital output will retain its last position between power cycles or in the event of a power failure
  • Threaded M9x0.75 in. bushing
  • 3/4 in. rotating encoder shaft
  • Rear mount terminals

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  • Tadpole / about 5 years ago / 2

    I was wondering if someone could give me some help with the datasheet - specifically page 3 with their EAW <-> decimal conversion system. Is this a random (can't be that) way to convert to decimal? It doesn't seem to be a simple binary to decimal conversion, which suprised me. If I am reading the pins to get the position, do I need to use a lookup table? Thanks for any help, and my apologies if I overlooked something obvious.

    • was wondering the same thing. Luckily, there are smarter people than me out there..

      Someone has written a library.

  • Member #411750 / about 5 years ago / 1

    Arduino code at

    Rpi code at

    Whats in it and how it works

  • is there a wiring diagram and any sample sketch?

  • Member #547908 / about 5 years ago / 1

    The data sheet mentions "ACETAB: 256 byte code conversion table (ROM)", but when I Googled to try to figure out what that was, all I ever found was links back to the data sheet. Also, your description says the device includes pull down resistors, but the data sheet shows "+" on the right side of the RESNET 4609X-101-472 resistor bank, which makes me think it uses pull up resistors. Isn't that what the + represents? I'm new to this and appreciate your patience with my simple questions ;-) This looks like a fantastic new toy and I'm looking forward to playing with it! Thanks in advance for your help!

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