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Hobby Motor with Encoder - Metal Gear (DG01D-E)

The DG01D-E is a single hobby motor with a hall speed encoder. This motor requires a voltage between 3-9V, has a gearbox ratio of 1:48 and a speed of 90RPM at 4.5V. The voltage between positive and negative is determined according to the power supply voltage of the single chip microcomputer used, generally 3.3V or 5V is used.

The hall sensor can sense the North and South poles of its magnetic plate. When the hall sensor senses the South of the magnetic plate, the hall output will result in a high level. Meanwhile the North is the inverse and, when sensed, the hall output will result a low level.

Note: Please be aware that this is a single Hobby Motor. To effectively drive a robotics project, at least two of these motors will be required. These motors are not sold in pairs!
  • Dimension: 80x22.4x25.8mm
  • Voltage: 3V~9V
  • Gear ratio: 1:48
  • Speed: 90RPM (4.5V)
  • Color: Blue
  • Gear material: Metal

Hobby Motor with Encoder - Metal Gear (DG01D-E) Product Help and Resources

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Terminal Pin Layout

The pin on the product are as follows, when looking at the connector on the housing, motor down/connector up, from right to left. The colors correspond to the included cable when plugged in to the connection slot.

  • G (Blue): hall power negative
  • H1 (Green): hall H1 output signal, square wave
  • H2 (Yellow): hall H2 output signal, square wave
  • V (Orange): hall power positive
  • M+ (Red): motor positive pole
  • M- (Brown): motor negative pole

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  • How many poles on the encoder disk? I looked through the documents, but can't find anything that tells me counts per tail shaft revolution.

    • Hi dbc, Thanks for reaching out. I recently used these on a bot project (Enginursday post) and was getting about 600 pulses per revolution (of the wheel).

      My project is using an Auto pHAT for raspberry pi. On that board, I have a dedicated ATTiny84 with custom firmware that is listening to the encoders. You can see that firmware here. Hope this helps and good luck! -Pete

    • I wish this were documented! The oscilloscope screenshot in the pdf seems to indicate the encoder pulses coming at around 1 kHz, which (very, very rough order of magnitude estimate with lots of assumptions) suggests around twelve poles on the (pre-reduction-gear) motor shaft.

  • Any plans to offer a Qwiic board for a pair of these? (Yes, I know there is a qwiic motor driver, but I'm asking about one that also supports the encoders, maybe with some encoder-enabled position/velocity commands)

    • Not sure, but I would suggest signing up for our newsletter (bottom of the page), so you don't miss out (if we do)... or check back every Friday, when we do product releases.

  • Does anyone have output torque measurements (or estimations)?

  • Do these work easily with your three layer chassis (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14339)?

    i.e., do they have the same footprint (or close enough) as these: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13302?

    • If the encoder was removed this would be the same footprint as 13302. From my experience with ROB-14339, there is enough space for the encoder out the back. Thanks!

  • Trying to get up and running with these on a Raspberry PI. Does anyone happen to have a python snippit of code to read the encoders?

  • This looks like a cut-and-paste of an Alibaba description. And Hall is capitalized when writing about a Hall sensor. Anyway, it looks plenty useful but I can't make sense of the description. Same description here https://core-electronics.com.au/hobby-motor-with-encoder-metal-gear-dg01d-e.html

  • What is the name of the type of connector on the motor?

  • Is this gear box a reduction ratio?

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