RP-SMA to U.FL Cable - 150mm

This RP-SMA to U.FL Cable is commonly used to attach WiFi, Bluetooth, or nRFxxx based devices to a 2.4GHz antenna. What makes this unassuming cable special is the slightly longer length of 150mm (compared to 100mm). We found that the extra 50mm makes all the difference when working with an enclosure.

  • U.FL Termination
  • RP-SMA Termination
  • 150mm Length

RP-SMA to U.FL Cable - 150mm Product Help and Resources

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  • Member #857672 / about 2 years ago / 1

    it's funny, it would be nice to have the opposite of this. the use case: have a USB WiFi adapter, and connect it via an adapter wire going inside a laptop case. Then the U.FL antenna leads can attach to the adapter and boost the signal of the wifi adapter. Well, one more thing. In T60 thinkpads (which now have obsolete original wifi cards) have a mini pcie slot in the inside of the case which can be used with an adapter to get an internal USB port. in a laptop! in that case, it would be cool to have a modern USB wifi dongle attached through adapter (after adapter, after adapter, ...) to the actual antennas. I dream

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