GNSS Magnetic Antenna Mount - 5/8" 11-TPI

This is a very handy magnetic mount for survey grade GNSS/GPS antennas. Sturdy, compact, and surprisingly strong, this is a quick way of mounting your antenna to metal roofs, parapets, and other ferrous materials. The rod is threaded 5/8" 11-TPI (threads per inch) found on high-end surveying antennas and equipment. Additionally, the mount is tall enough to prevent kinking or collision between the TNC connector, cable, and the roof surface.

While the magnetic strength is very high, it is not intended for automotive applications as larger antennas may cause the mount to shear off at high speeds.


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  • signal7 / about 2 years ago / 2

    Interesting. I don't need this for an electronics project, but it's perfect for creating a poor man's DRO system for a bench mill. I'll be buying two of them and modifying the rod to hold a 4 inch dial indicator. It will stick to the metal bench and I can even get a simple zero adjustment by tapping it forward or back. Much cheaper than Noga holders...

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Great device

Great device. I accidentally left it on my vehicle drove several miles and it stayed put.