SparkFun Digi XBee® Arduino Shield - USB-C (Qwiic)

The Sparkfun Digi XBee® Arduino Shield is your gateway to a world of wireless innovation on your favorite Arduino device. This shield integrates Digi's cutting-edge XBee 3 Low-Power LTE-M/NB-IoT and Digi XBee RR Pro modules (including LTE cellular, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, 900/868MHz, DigiMesh, and any other through-hole Digi XBee modules) with your trusty Arduino, empowering you to build wireless projects that reach further and do more than ever. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a curious beginner, the SparkFun Digi XBee® Arduino Shield - USB-C (Qwiic) empowers you to bring your wildest IoT ideas to life.

It breaks out the functionality of your XBee module and adds the ability to connect to all the different wireless protocols supported by Digi XBee modules, LTE cellular, mesh networking, low-power long-range, and more. This shield includes a USB-C connector, a Qwiic connector for all those lovely I2C sensors, as well as a Reset button and a user-defined D0 button, the ability to power your board from the R3/R4 board, and UART selection.

Digi Remote Manager® allows users to configure and control devices from a central platform easily. Built-in Digi TrustFence® security, identity, and data privacy features use multiple control layers to protect against new and evolving cyber threats. Standard XBee API frames and AT commands, MicroPython, and XBee Studio simplify setup, configuration, testing, and adding or changing functionality.

This shield is populated with all components, as shown in the images and schematic, but it does not have headers installed. We recommend the Arduino R3 Stackable Header Kit.

The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is an ecosystem of I2C sensors, actuators, shields and cables that make prototyping faster and less prone to error. All Qwiic-enabled boards use a common 1mm pitch, 4-pin JST connector. This reduces the amount of required PCB space, and polarized connections mean you can’t hook it up wrong.

  • On-board Digi XBee 3 20-pin through-hole socket
  • Configurable via XBee Studio, Digi Remote Manager, XCTU or AT command
  • AP63203 Buck converter (up to 2A)
  • USB-C connector for power
  • 1x Qwiic connector
  • 3 indicator LEDs
  • Reset and D0 buttons
  • Power selection features
  • Serial selection
  • Arduino R3 footprint

Copyright Notice: Digi XBee® and XBee® are registered trademarks of Digi International Inc.


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