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Description: USB Type ‘A’ Male connector. Ideal for making very small USB dongle devices that plug directly into a computer USB port or through a USB AtoA extension cable.


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  • I believe there is an error on the datasheet for this part, specifically the value of 2.5mm in the pcb layout portion. Firstly, all of the similar parts on mouser have 2.1mm for this dimension. I know this isn’t definitive but all the other dimensions are the same so I have a hard time believing that is off. Secondly, if you look at on the datasheet, it looks like a smaller dimension than the 2.4mm that is near it. I took the pdf into photoshop and measured the distances and I calculate that it should be 2.1mm. Now, I know that the figure could be off but that would be a pretty big coincidence. However, if you look at the other dimensions of the data sheet you can calculate this same dimension to be 2.4mm + .45 so I have no idea what it should be. Would somebody at sparkfun take a look at the datasheet and let me know what is correct?

  • Don’t suppose a breakout would be possible? (with mounting holes FTW).

    • I’ll throw the suggestion into the ring at the next engineering meeting and see what folks say. I don’t see why we couldn’t do this, other than it being a space issue in inventory.

  • How many do i get for $1.50

  • Is this in the eagle library?

    • Yes it is in Sparkfun’s Eagle library. Note the small eagle icon to the right of the product number, just below the title.

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A good part for sure.

Not out of poor design but simply due to high use. It is a good idea to have a spare in the bin when one fails. Also nice to have a USB socket to port into a project box. Also can be used to make a bracelet connector with the female version and some ribbon.