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We have a purchase for 200 units. We expect some of these to arrive next on Apr 13, 2015.

Incoming stock values are estimates, and subject to change without warning.

Description: These are various leaded cables for attaching to multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, etc. Cables come in red/black pairs.

Dimensions: 36" Long

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Customer Comments

  • The set of these I got a while ago are spectacularly bad. The plugs are just too loose in any socket to be of utility.

    But hey, the cable will be fine once paired with some better stackable plugs.

  • Don’t bother - the quality is terrible. They’re to loose and once you try to correct it, the “spring” contacts which are cut from extremely thin sheet metal wrapped around the solid metal prong get hopelessly bent out of shape and they lack any “springiness” whatsoever. There is some restriction designed in against “squashing” the contact spring part by not allowing it to expand in its length but they blew it by leaving some 1 mm gap in there. Not only are these plugs loose in the sockets, the thin sheet metal contacts also have their fair amount of play on the prong itself so the overall current carrying capacity goes down the drain. And the cables themselves are very stiff. It’s mind boggling how they managed to find so many ways to get such a ridiculously simple thing wrong. The very last thing you want from your banana cable is having to wiggle it for 5 minutes, arcing galore, before managing to get a “good” connection and then to not look at it funny in the fear of the connection going bad. Or maybe asking someone to apply a constant amount of pressure in the just right direction with their finger. You could probably get these from “leading auction service” for a dollar a dozen with free shipping but I’d still advise against. Good thing I only wasted $9.90 on these and “Banana to IC hook” instead of getting one of each combinations offered here.

    Oh, did I mention just how hopeless they are?

  • I just got mine about four weeks ago. Seems OK!

  • These are great! My mpja power supply came with some low quality banana-gator clips, these were really nice in comparison. Also there is a hole in the base and side of each plug that you can jam more banana plugs into. neat!

    • Ugh, so apparently there’s just no limit on how bad these could get. This makes me sad.

  • It is currently 20 AWG, stranded.

  • Hi, anyone knows the gauge on this things ?

  • What wire gauge?

  • Each is 36" long.

  • Are these 36" each or 18"+18"?

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