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Description: These are various leaded cables for attaching to multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, etc. Cables come in red/black pairs.

Dimensions: 36" long

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  • The bananas and alligators are awesome! It works like a wire!

  • The plugs are fine, with a hole in the side and one in the back for stacking; however the sleeves of the alligator clips are so slippery that it is very difficult to remain squeezing in the right place for opening the clip; this is a common problem with the cheap clips.

  • What’s the current rating?

    • If you’re using these for a sub-$100 DMM, then probably the multimeter will blow out before these do.

      • Well, I would not be so sure. 10-20 amps pushed through these things would easily heat them up, and yet most budget meters can measure currents in that range.

  • Does anyone know what gauge wire these use?

    • We don’t have an exact spec on these, but we clipped one and measured the wire diameter as approximately 0.030". This corresponds to an AWG of somewhere between 20 (0.032") and 21 (0.028").

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