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Description: Need range? 2.4GHz Large Duck Antenna 5dBi with Reverse Polarized - SMA RF connector. Perfect for prototyping with our RF ICs. 50 ohm impedance.

This antenna mates nicely with the Reverse Polarized SMA Connector.

Dimensions: 0.5x7.7"


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    Higher dBi means that the antenna has better gain. However, it would depend on the design of the antennas and the XBee’s output power to achieve the maximum tested range for the XBee. Some antennas can radiate in all directions while others radiate a signal in a narrow beam. If you are not within the plane that the antennas radiate, the connection will be unreliable and you might loose data.

    I have not personally tested the two antenna’s range with the XBees before so I am not entirely sure how well they perform against each other. However, there was a brief explanation in the this forum thread [ https://forum.sparkfun.com/viewtopic.php?t=15654 ] from a customer that used the high gain antenna in one of their projects.

  • The antenna I received has a male pin rather than the pictured female socket. It won’t mate with the reverse polarity SMA connector for that reason. Weird.

  • Is this antenna suitable for a DX6I Spectrum transmitter?

  • Does anyone know if this antenna could be used for GSM cellular applications? Greetings.

  • Anyone know if this would work with a Spektrum DM8 2.4ghz module for a Futaba 8U? I know the smaller antenna works, but it’s always good to have a choice.

  • I also would like to know if this could be used outdoor in the rain and sun? (The radio of course would be protected) Does anyone know?

    • Assuming that all of your electronics are covered, it should work fine. Just make sure there is a water tight seal between the antenna and your electronics

  • Only to know if this antenna could work outdoor in a rainy place.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Does anyone know if this will work with http://www.sparkfun.com/products/662? I am looking to add an antenna to an XBee through that cable.

  • To estimate the effective radiated power (ERP) multiply the output of your radio by 3.2 This estimate does not take into account losses in the system from the cable, connector, or environment.

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