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Description: This is a fantastic find for SFE. A small, high-quality, quad-band, standard SMA terminated, cellular antenna.


  • GSM/850E : 824 to 894MHz
  • GSM : 880 to 960MHz
  • DCS : 1710 to 1880MHz
  • PCS : 1850 to 1990MHz

Documents:GSM Antenna 850-1900MHz

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Support Tips

Naming Conventions for the Different Types of SMA Connectors

Below lists the types of SMA and RPSMA connectors available:

  • SMA male - Center pin, inner threads
  • SMA female - center hole, outer threads


  • RP (reverse polarity) is named after its “thread gender” and has an opposite-gender pin
  • RP-SMA male - center hole, “male” inner threads
  • RP-SMA female - center pin, “female” outer threads"


For more information, try looking at our tutorial about SMA connectors [ ].