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Description: Polarized connectors and headers for your perf board/PCB projects. Use these connectors for power connections or any sensor/general connection to prevent users from connecting the peripheral incorrectly or reversed.

This is for the male header. Be sure to order the housing and crimp pins!

Pins have standard .1" spacing.

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Customer Comments

  • How do you have this in stock when you have retired the housing?

    • I didn’t realize that the housings where discontinued when I bought the headers so now I’ve got a few of them without mating connectors. However, I found that tying your wires to the pins on a female header (PRT-11894) works beautifully. The wires are obviously not contained in the plastic, nor does this take advantage of the polarized header, but it works, and it’s better than just throwing these away!

  • Just to confirm, buying one of these will only get me one 6 pin header, without the thing you put the crimped wires into right?

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