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Description: This is a very basic beginner’s kit for 8 pin PICAXE microcontrollers. Includes a handful of easy-to-solder through-hole components. Be sure to purchase the 8-pin PICAXE below.

A battery snap is provided in this kit, but the board must only be driven with a 4.5 to 5V battery pack. To prevent a 9V from accidentally being attached to the 5V board, we recommend attaching the 3xAA battery pack below, in place of the battery snap included in this kit.


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Customer Comments

  • this is a great part if you just want to experiment with the 8 pin pic, this board went together in about 5 mins for me , everything is through hole and super easy to solder.although the quarter that is in the picture strangely didn’t come with the product… ill have to speak to someone about that.

  • So affordable you could throw a few across the football field!

  • Is the 08M2 included?

  • And it’s only a dollar more than the plain picaxe 08M2!!

  • Fun Project

  • Excellent small-scale project board. I used it in combination with a reed relay hooked up to a camera to control a video in my weather balloon satellite.

  • can I use this to program a PICAXE 08M??

    • Yes you can. Connect to your computer with one of the Picaxe cables - either the one that goes to a serial port or the one that goes to a USB port.
      You can also add headers to this board so it will run LEDs, servos, infra-red detectors, etc.

  • I would love to see something like this in some other flavors than only Picaxe. Proto kits would help a lot for such things as sensor node arrays or just plain old learning. There is really no reason for keeping something like this from being more diverse to peoples preferences.

  • I use this to program the larger ICs that have the same power, ground and serial pin locations; I just let the other pins hang off the back of the socket.

    • Which specific ICs are you referring to? I’d like to try that trick myself?

      • If you check out PICAXE Pinouts, you’ll find there’s 7 models in total, of which 4 are theoretically compatible (same +V, 0V, serial in and serial out pin configuration) (PICAXE-08M2, PICAXE-14M2, PICAXE-20M2 and PICAXE-20X2) and 3 (PICAXE-18M2, PICAXE-28X2 and PICAXE-40X2) are not.

    • Yep that works, looks strange, but works…

  • Can I use this to program a PIC?

  • Totally forgot to order 8-pin… o.O looks like separate shipping… cringes

  • Why put in the disclaimer about the battery, rather than just include a 5V regulator? is cheap enough, and would be easy enough to add.

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