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Description: Stay warm, outdoors! High quality hoodie with front pocket. Large logo on the front, blank back.

If you're shopping for the quintessential American Nerd, the SparkFun Hoodie might be the perfect gift. For other great gift ideas, check out our SparkFun Gift Guide!

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  • Could you provide the dimensions? It’s hard to buy without knowing if it’ll fit well… I need to make my order in the nexts 6 days, and need to know this! :/


  • It should have a chest pocket so you can wear the SFE Pocket Protector with it.

  • Leaving comments is the coolest!

  • Please give the dimensions, I need them to buy this hoodie.

    Thanks very much!

  • Nice material and a good fit - the hood is on the larger side, which I prefer, and there is quite a bit of length to the arms. A great hoodie for the price, and of course, that awesome design!

    • Do you own one of the medium size? Can you provide me the height up to the shoulder? Or someone else? Thank you very much!

  • so this comes pre-warmed? Like on the image?

  • Does the hawt lady come with the hoody?
    MB =]

    • Of course not; unless she’s a contortionist who is experienced in squeezing herself into shipping boxes (and duplicating herself every single time one of these is sold!).
      AND–It’s “hot” and “hoodie”, not “hawt” and “hoody”.
      Lyrics of “Internet spelling” by Strong Bad:
      Oh-I don' caaarrreee how-ya spell thiiiinnnnggggssss on-the inn-err-neeettt,
      When-you eeeee-may-il ME, you spell out da whooo-ooollleee wooorrrddd…
      An'-I don' caaarrreee that-yer cell phooonnneee has a camera in iiiiiittttttt…

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