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Description: This high gain, 7.75" antenna is perfect for AVL applications where cellular reception is a must. Connector is regular SMA so don't confuse it with 2.4GHz antennas.


  • GSM/850E : 824 to 894MHz
  • GSM : 880 to 960MHz
  • DCS : 1710 to 1880MHz
  • PCS : 1850 to 1990MHz


Comments 3 comments

  • What kind of connector would be necessary to connect to this antenna? It looks like it would have to be a a female SMA, with an outside thread?

  • This antenna works great. Significantly better than “Quad-band Wired Cellular Antenna SMA”

    The difference is about 7 RSSI (the value returned by AT+CSQ) tested on a GSM modem, in the middle of Boston.

    I coupled this with a low-loss RG58 SMA extension cable (not sold on Sparkfun) and the results are excellent. Nearly no signal loss in the cable.

    If you need a cellular antenna for your project with great signal, this is it.

  • Great antenna if you need the gain it offers but not as durable as I’d like. after getting bumped around some the swivel part no longer stays. still electrically ok. Hope to run it on the network analyzer when I find it again.

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