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Description: This is a very common 0.1uF capacitor. Used on all sorts of applications to decouple ICs from power supplies. 0.1" spaced leads make this a perfect candidate for breadboarding and perf boarding. Rated at 50V.

If you need a bunch of these, you can get good bulk discounts on Digikey, part # : 399-4266-ND

Documents:Power Supply Lecture

Sold in single pieces

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Good job! I realized that each side says something different, but this cap should have one that says 104. Sorry for any confusion!!

Old post: Works fine but I was sent a 22pf ceramic cap instead of this. I looked at the text and it clearly says, “K5M” on two of them, which is the marking from the 22pf cap and not this one. 2/5 were the 22pf and the rest were this one, the 0.1uf cap. Please explain this!