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Barrel Jack Adapter - USB to 5.5mm

This is a simple cable that adapts from a USB port to a 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector, center positive. This cable allows the user to use a USB port on a computer, laptop, or on our cigarette power supply to provide our development boards with 5V.

The USB specification limits current consumption to a max of 500mA from a USB port but this is more than enough to run a simple development board.

Cable length is 3 feet.


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  • Really good!

  • I'm so confused! The arduino has a 2.1mm jack and this is 5.5! What?!

  • These are handy! I use mine to power a Beaglebone from a USB battery pack. I'm using a pack that delivers 2A while maintaining regulation, so it's as good as any "proper" 5V supply :)

  • This cable works great to power the BeagleBoard from a USB port. You need power on the barrel connector to run the BeagleBoard as a host. http://beagleboard.org/

    • Not really. You're really going to need a Y-splitter for that. When the beagleboard is fully operational (especially with a webcam and usb stick on it) it'll draw more than 500mA (more than 1 usb host can deliver).

  • Really good!

  • I am unsuccessfully trying to power the Olimex 40 pin AVR board with this adapter. The chip is an Atmega32. The adapter is not supplying enough power. Purchased several of these and have tried each cable individually with multiple usb ports on different computers (yes, different computer models and manufacturers).

    Has anyone successfully had these work with the Olimex 40 or 28 pin boards, 40 pin chip Atmega32, 28 pin chip Atmega 328?

  • Will these be back in stock soon?

  • will this work the other way, power from a hand crank (that uses a usb outlet) through the cable and out the barrel jack? sorrf for noob question

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