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Description: Miniature surface mount momentary button. These are great, low-profile momentary switches. Perfect as a tactile reset switch. Rated up to 50mA.


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  • Incase anyone needs it, Ive found a different manufacturer (stocked at DigiKey and Mouser) who makes this identical button.

    • Thank you, these are hard to find in quantity.

      • Thanks for the link. FYI, they are still available; P/N: 611-PTS525SM10-LFS for Mouser and CKN9104CT-ND for Digikey.

    • Also similar to Alps SKQG (stocked at Mouser, not Digikey). The SKQG performs excellently. Spec’d for 100 000 operations, but I tested them for 200 000 and they still did well with 30ms software debouncing. Unfortunately I forgot to measure the actual bounce times after the 200 000 switches at the time. Be sure to place a small cap in parallel with the switch to keep the contacts clean.

  • Aren’t thes the ones Sparkfun uses on the RedBoard?

  • Is there an Eagle library entry for this one? I looked in the latest library but I could not match this to anything I found. Thanks

    • Okay, looks to be TACTILE_SWITCH_SMD/TAC_SWITCHSMD That’s based on the comment below that sad this is the same button as on the Arduino Pro Mini

  • Does this switch have two separate lines that are connected by the switch? In other words, if I use this switch to control whether or not two components are grounded, are the two components isolated when the switch isn’t pressed? Thanks!

  • Would be nice if the description mentioned the exact name of the part in the Eagle library. I can’t figure out a way to match them other than by looking at the part footprint to make sure it’s the same. Any better suggestions?

  • would these work well for building a micro-keyboard?

  • This part is present on Ebay with the keyword:
    “SMD Tactile Push Touch Switch Key Button"
    It’s for big quantity ! ;)

  • These look just like the ones on the Arduino Pro/Pro Mini!

  • Does the supplier that you get your knobs and stuff from supply D-pads? If so I think it would be great to make a D-pad break out board with this SMD switch.
    Just a thought.

  • I used these buttons for my project for user input, unfortunately I have found a 75% failure rate with these. How frustrating!!

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Favorite button

These are my go-to button for many projects. They are high quality, have an excellent click with a great feedback feel. They are small and sturdy.

Highly useful SMD switch for any small application

This is a great multipurpose switch. It’s easy to solder onto a PCB, and the size is perfect for small applications. I suggest downloading the SparkFun parts library to put this switch into your CAD sketch.