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Infrared Sensor Jumper Wire - 3-Pin JST

Three pin JST connector with red, black, and yellow colors. 5 inch wire outs. This cable comes fully assembled as shown and connects directly to many different Sharp sensors. Quick and easy, this cable will save you 15-20 minutes over making your own wiring harness.

If you need this cable and the mating connector, check out the wire assembly in the related products below!


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  • Normally I'd be thinking that folks are really lazy if they have to buy a wiring harness like this... but DANG the connectors are a pain in the behind to DIY! These assemblies are totally almost worth their weight in gold. Nice to know the folks as Sparkfun got our backs.

    • The crimp pin variety of these is a pain in the behind! I think the official crimp tool costs hundreds of dollars. That being said, there is an IDC version of this connector that when used with the correct awg wire can bring cable assembly to a couple of minutes.

  • it blows my mind there is not a simple "hook black to ground, red to power, yellow to input reading" in the description nor is there configuration help in any of the sharp sensor product descriptions what is the appropriate wire configuration (color wise)?

  • can i just hook this up to my arduino to turn an led on if the ir beam is broke?

    • Well, not just this - this is just the cable with connector that mates to the proximity sensors (see Related Products below). And with those, you could - up to a point.. they're more used for detecting proximity. Check out some of the other infrared / optical products if you just need to know if a beam's broken or not.

  • I'm going to cross my fingers and hope this is the 2mm version when I order, All the JST's in my parts box are 2.54mm and a bit too big for the IR Ranger.

  • Please somebody reply- i have 2D120X F 04 range infrared sensor. The above JST cable is the right one right?

  • is it the same connector mounted on this cable?

  • What type of connector is this? I know it's a JST, but which one?

  • Does this fit the 3-pin connector on the serial LCD displays, e.g. part no. LCD-09393?
    If so, I'd recommend a note/link to that effect on the LCD pages.

    • This does fit the connector on the serial LCDs. Good call on the product link! Thanks for pointing that out to us.

      • ToniK, still no note on the serial LCD pages stating this is the required jumper. Would have saved me quite a headache this week had it been there.

  • will these hook up to the connectors on the CMOS camera module? (sku SEN-08739)

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