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Description: This is a black plastic bezel, custom made to mate with the silicon rubber pads. Black 1/8" ABS plastic. Using two of these bezels with two of the top bezels will create a 4x4 bezel appropriate for the full button pad.


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Customer Comments

  • Wouldn’t you need 4 bezels for a 4x4 button pad?

  • This item and the complementing COM-08746 do not come with screws. They are sold with the intent of joining together.

    Quality of the items is not up to the same standard the buttons themselves are.

  • Are the two edges w/o lugs undercut to allow multiple bottom units to fit together for keypads > 4x4? E.g. can I string 3 bottom bezels and one top bezel in a row to build an 8x2 keypad?

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