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Description: This is a very simple but handy, 2" square, double sided perf board. Standard 0.1" spacing with a 4-40 (3mm) holes for mounting. Great for quickly prototyping stackable circuits.

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  • What’s not apparent is that the other side of this board has a ground plane around the holes. If your project has a lot of ground connections, (and who’s doesn’t!) this board makes it easy to ‘grab a ground’ from any corner that you painted yourself into. If that’s not nice, what is?

  • Are there any more of these awsome boards coming?
    Different sizes, same front and back as this ?

  • Can anyone tell me if this board can connect to the FIO board? Do the holes line up?

    • If it fits in your breadboard, it fits in this. If you have no breadboard, then if the header pins are 0.1" apart, it will fit in this.

  • If it helps anyone lay out their designs before they have the board in their hands, my best estimate for the coordinates of the holes, based off the supplied image, are: [x, y] [6.2, 14.5] [25.8, 48.5] [45.3, 14.5] Perhaps Sparkfun can verify these numbers?

  • Are the holes plated through? I was planning to use this board for a mix of surface mount and through hole component.
    The large square pads makes it suitable for SMT, if the holes are not plated though, then I could utilize both sides for the SMT sections of the circuit.

  • Will this fit the Tamiya Universal Plate?
    EDIT: Never mind.

  • Could someone please recommend a suitable enclosure for this or suggest ways of enclosing it?

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