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Description: This is a very simple but handy, 2" square, double sided perf board. Standard 0.1" spacing with a 4-40 (3mm) holes for mounting. Great for quickly prototyping stackable circuits.

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  • What’s not apparent is that the other side of this board has a ground plane around the holes. If your project has a lot of ground connections, (and who’s doesn’t!) this board makes it easy to ‘grab a ground’ from any corner that you painted yourself into. If that’s not nice, what is?

  • Are there any more of these awsome boards coming?
    Different sizes, same front and back as this ?

  • Can anyone tell me if this board can connect to the FIO board? Do the holes line up?

    • If it fits in your breadboard, it fits in this. If you have no breadboard, then if the header pins are 0.1" apart, it will fit in this.

  • If it helps anyone lay out their designs before they have the board in their hands, my best estimate for the coordinates of the holes, based off the supplied image, are: [x, y] [6.2, 14.5] [25.8, 48.5] [45.3, 14.5] Perhaps Sparkfun can verify these numbers?

  • Are the holes plated through? I was planning to use this board for a mix of surface mount and through hole component.
    The large square pads makes it suitable for SMT, if the holes are not plated though, then I could utilize both sides for the SMT sections of the circuit.

  • Will this fit the Tamiya Universal Plate?
    EDIT: Never mind.

  • Could someone please recommend a suitable enclosure for this or suggest ways of enclosing it?

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Nicely Designed

One side has isolated square pads and the other has a copper pour with isolated circular pads. The holes are through-plated. The square pads are easy to solder to adjacent pads with the “vulcan solder meld” method. The copper pour makes it easy to route your ground points around the circuit.

Overall the quality is excellent. a few pads came off, but they were soldered and unsoldered a bunch of times.