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Description: Huge 10mm through-hole LEDs.


  • 515-520nm Green
  • 3.0-3.4VDC Forward Voltage
  • 80mA Forward Current
  • 30 degree viewing angle
  • 16,000-22,000 MCD output


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Customer Comments

  • I added a few of these to my last order thinking they might be fun to play with, I was right. These things are bright !! at just 5 mA they are too bright to look into without discomfort. placed on the floor and aimed at the ceiling, 40 mA into one of these LEDs lights up the whole room.

  • What am I doing wrong? I tried this with a current source and with a voltage source with resistor. Mine doesn’t get too bright at 75mA.

    • stupid question, are you looking directly at them? from the side, they don’t appear that bright. dead-on they should be pretty bright at 75mA.

  • Any chance of getting these in yellow?

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