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Description: Huge 10mm through-hole LEDs. Mood light an entire wall!


  • 625-630nm Red
  • 2.1-2.3VDC Forward Voltage
  • 80mA Forward Current
  • 30 degree viewing angle
  • 10,000-12,000 MCD output


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Customer Comments

  • These LEDs are aptly named! (You’ll probably need some sort of diffuser.)

  • Anybody else order these and get UV leds instead?

  • I added a few of the green 10mm Super Brights to my last order just for fun, Sparkfun # COM-08861. Just 5 mA was enough to make the green ones hurt your eyes; 40 mA lit up the room. I would imagine that these red ones are just as impressive.

  • any chance of 25 packs of these?

  • Wow I loved this LED. I put it into a one dollar flashlight along with two extra diodes to drop voltage and Wah-La! I have a very powerful red flashlight for under three bucks!

    • I’ve made more of these flashlights and instead of using diodes I have switched to a 6.8 ohm resistor. This pulls about 87 mA on a full 3V which seems to be about right for a 2 AA cell flashlight.

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