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Description: A simple slide potentiometer can go a long way. Rated at 10kOhm and 0.5W. Comes with solder tab connections. The taper profile for this slide can be found in the datasheet below labeled "0B"


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  • be careful when soldering wires to this, I accidentally damaged one by soldering a wire to the hole instead of the post (it somehow ruined the connection between the metal contact and the conductive film that the slider touches)

  • What size are those mounting holes?

  • AKAI APC USERS This is not the correct part if you’re attempting to replace the APC 40 (or APC 20) faders. You’ll need smaller ones… still attempting to locate these.

  • Anyone know how easy/hard it would be to mount this as a replacement on an APC40? I tore it down and have access, just don’t know if it will require soddering, etc. Anyone with experience want to do the repair if I supply the parts and even strip down the APC?


  • why is this under Buttons/switches…? its neither a button or a switch, just wondering.

  • mine does not appear to be linear… it is till about the last ½ inch when it jumps from like 160 something to 900 something… is this normal? :/

    • Mine does the same thing. I don’t think they are supposed to .

      • If anyone else sees this behavior, check your pinout (should be 1 - VCC / 2 - Signal / 3 - GND)

      • If you are seeing non-linear results please email us at,so we can help you out. I tested ones we have in stock and they are working great with linear results. :)

  • I’m looking to use 8 of these for a wireless dmx controller. my question is are the sturdy enough to handle a lot of use as i will be using this when ever i am hanging lights from a genie lift.

  • Is there such thing as a potentiometer which works like this, but instead of sliding fluidly, has a certain amount of stops, or stages? Kind of like a slide switch, but with more positions, and also as a potentiometer.

  • How stiff are these? I’m looking at making a MIDI controller and would want something more on the loose side.

    • They’re perfect for a MIDI controller - I’m building one right now with 4 of them. The ones I received were logarithmic taper though, currently emailing customer support about replacements.

      • i just ordered two and they were log taper as well.

        • Email They’ll be able to assist you with getting replacements. Sorry about that!

    • they aren’t very stiff. the slide pretty freely, IMO.

  • How clean is the analog signal out of theses? when you move the slider and stop does the resistance settles?

  • Does anyone know the size of the screws that these pots take to panel mount them?

    • Looking at the datasheet, I noticed that the slide is about .05in thick, so I’d say the screw holes are approx. .05-.1in thick.

  • I got one of these in my last order but it only has 3 feet (or I guess they are lug connections). I’m new and all but I assume I can just take the backing off and make my own connection?

    • It would be best to email and get a new one.

      • Yeah I guess. Trying to fix it helps me learn though.

        • Fair enough. Good luck.

          • Ok thanks for your quick responses. I figured it out. While I DID open it up and solder on my new connection, I realize now that the fourth pin appears to be a redundant data out. Maybe it does something else? I was confused a bit because there is a third whole and the photos all show four feet. Anyway, I got it working :)

  • I’d get one… if it wasn’t so darn huge….

  • For a mixing console, you’d probably want audio taper. I believe these are linear taper?

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