Slide Potentiometer Knob - X-Large

This is a simple knob that connects to the extra large sized linear slide potentiometer. Each knob uses friction to secure itself to fit onto the slide pot. Once attached, this small knob provides you with an easier to use potentiometer for your project!


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Perfectly as described

What can I say? Exactly as described, works perfectly with slide potentiometer. And as always, super fast shipping. Thanks!

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Doesn't work for Danger Shield

I bought three of these to use with the SparkFun Danger Shield. While they fit over the slide pots nicely, they are too wide (or the potentiometers are too close together), and they can't pass each other. I may grind down the sides by a few millimeters to make it work. You should consider producing slide pot knobs in a form factor that works for the Danger Shield.

Otherwise, this is a quality item and has a very nice feel to it.

Doesn't fit medium or small slide potentiometers

This knob, the only knob currently available on SparkFun, does not fit on the lever for the small and medium slide potentiometers sold on this site. The small and medium slide pots have a bevel on each side of their levers which will crack the mounting housing on this knob.

Sorry about that. These only fit the extra large potentiometer that we carry. I'll have our catalog people make that more clear in the description.