900/1800MHz Dual Frequency Duck Antenna RP-SMA

900/1800 MHz Duck Antenna 2dBi with regular RP-SMA RF connector. Perfect for use with the XBee 900MHz units. 50 ohm impedance. 105mm long.

The FCC is moving towards Part 15 compliance. All this means is that all the SMA RF connectors are changing gender. Really annoying for those of us who need to mate an antenna to an RF device. The FCC gender change was instituted to prevent home users from damaging RF equipment (think home WiFi) when screwing on an antenna. If all antennas are female, there is no way to damage the center connector. However, you have to be very sure now what kind of SMA connector you need.


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  • Looks like these would be good for modifying and replacing the antenna on a home WiFi router.

    • I dont think any home wifi runs on 900 /1800 .. 2.4 or 5 ghz is what you would want for your home router.

  • Does anybody know when these will be back in or where else i can get one?

  • How far can a signal reach with this antenna (in meters)?

    • That depends more on the device that is sending the signal and how much power it can output than the antenna.

  • Does anyone know if this antenna could be used for GSM cellular applications? Greetings.

  • i received an antenna that was twice as long as this one and had a sticker with 900 on it. is that correct? this seems like a small one?

    • I can't say if it is correct or not, but it sounds like you have a 900 MHz antenna only. (Better if you are using it for just 900 MHz anyway, the 900/1800 probably has less gain in the 900MHz range.)
      If yours is roughly 10" long, that would make it a 3/4 wave 900 MHz antenna, but it might be a 5/8 wave.

  • So can these antennas be used with any XBee with a RP-SMA connector?

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