RPSMA Male to SMA Female Adapter

This is an adapter that converts an RP-SMA board to an SMA antenna. The adapter will connect to any of our 2.4GHz wireless boards (Bluetooth, Nordic, or XBee) or interface cables and will allow you to use an antenna/cable with an SMA connection.

You should not need this adapter with any of our antennas or dev boards. These adapters are listed only to help SparkFun users that have rare or odd antenna coupling needs. Be sure to check out the SMA connector tutorial here for more information on SMA connectors.

Customer Comments

  • A rp-sma female to sma female is just a sma coupler spelling wrong but it for joing two male sma cables together Ive seen These.

  • Yep, your right, sorry about that!

  • I’m sure this is actually a RPSMA Male to SMA Female adaptor. See this diagram.
    I really do want an RPSMA Female to SMA Female, but this isn’t it. I can’t find one anywhere.

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