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Description: This is a 35mm concave momentary push button similar to the ones you find on arcade games. Simple screw in design. Perfect for mashing. This button has a great tactile, ‘clicky’ feel.


  • Concave plunger design
  • Durable nylon material
  • Microswitch: max 3A @ 120 VAC
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles
  • Includes 3 terminal microswitch
  • Net weight: 25g


  • Cap diameter: 35mm
  • Overall height: 65mm
  • Mounting hole: 1 1/8th inch paddle bit (1.125" / 28mm)

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Customer Comments

  • Does anyone know what type of connector I need for this switch. I need to solder a wire to a connector that slides onto each terminal post.

    • Yes, it would be nice if the terminal width was listed in the description.

      • I found this post on the comments on this connector :

        “FYI: I happen to have some of the Sparkfun arcade buttons (both kinds). I measured the terminals on both (with calipers), and here are the results: “Concave Button” (COM-09336): 0.187 inches – will work with 1/5” (0.2", a little big, but close enough) “Push Button” (COM-09177): 0.110 inches – way too small for 0.2" quick disconnects"

  • I wrote a quick how-to to show how to install an LED into these to illuminate them see

    • Awesome. Thanks. I also followed your instructions and placed an RGB LED inside. I recommend using reflective aluminum duct tape or silver paint inside the button walls to make it glow brighter, or use a clear LED. The diffused ones make the whole thing glow with not much spotlight effect, but it is a bit dim.

      Reflective tape: tape&storeId=10051

    • I put a RGB (clear) in like you mentioned could be done on your instructable. Feel free to link this there if you want.

  • This probably sounds like a really obvious question, but I have to be sure: If one were designing an enclosure for these in a CAD program, would one make the holes 28mm and assume the button will fit perfectly?

  • What do you guuys use to bore the mounting hole?

    • Something like this would be best IMO.

      • The (2 year old) link is dead. Do you have another link, or a generic name for the part/process you were recommending?

        • hum, no idea. It was probably just a hole-saw. something like this. the material depends though. if going into wood, plastic, etc, a hole saw should be fine. if thin metal, a punch is better.

  • While these guys are a bit more expensive then the 33mm convex ones sold here, they’re actually a pretty good deal when you consider the fact that the microswitch included with them is over ¾ the price. You’re only paying $0.45 more for the nifty arcade button.

  • Are these switches momentary switches, or, um, what’s the word… do they stay “on” until you click ‘em again?

    • Trying to be nice about the post, but as the description suggests. They are momentary switches. I apologize if this was not in the description when you posted this comment.

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sturdy button

Worked great for my project. Would definitely buy again.

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